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Interview: ‘The artist behind the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn deepfakes’, Dazed Magazine


“Politicians and political ideologies have targeted and purposefully eroded the trust in journalism. Our ways of understanding the world around us and our relationship to others have been systemically decimated” – Bill Posters My latest project in collaboration with Future Advocacy has been receiving some good press interest after we used deep fake technologies to […]

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Feature: BBC News embedded throughout making of ‘Partly Political’ Broadcast deep fakes


I am please to be able to reveal that for the past 4 weeks, myself and my team have been working with BBC journalist Catrin Nye and the team from Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC morning news and current affairs programme to document the process of creating synthesised video content. Using a range of creative processes and […]

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PRESS RELEASE: ‘Deep Fakes’ of UK Politicians Call for Policies to Combat Misinformation


‘Partly Political’ Broadcasts use AI synthesised personas of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn to raise awareness to lack of regulation concerning misinformation online. AI synthesised videos depicting Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn endorsing each other for Prime Minister have been released by Bill Posters and the Future Advocacy think […]

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Feature: Spectre added to MIT Docubase Lab


Spectre has been added to the MIT Docubase Lab, a curated database of the people, projects, and technologies transforming documentary in the digital age. They believe that documentaries play a vital role in our democracy and culture and that today’s technologies and techniques offer creative possibilities for expression: the promise of new voices, and the […]

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Interview: Artist Profile in The Economist’s Latest Film


‘Could Deepfakes Weaken Democracy?’ – The Economist Films   I’m pleased to be able to share the latest film from The Economist’s ‘Now & Next’ series entitled ‘Could Deepfakes Weaken Democracy?’. The short film features an artist profile of my work and the work that myself and Daniel Howe have been doing concerning the artistic […]

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Gallery: ‘Big Dada’ showing at HOME, Manchester, UK


In November both myself and Dr Daniel Howe will be showing Big Dada as part of the Alternate Realities exhibition at HOME gallery in Manchester UK. Big Dada is a series of ‘deep fake’ moving image works that were inserted into social media channels as a digital intervention in June 2019. Big Dada is part […]

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Exhibition Catalogue: ‘Art Strikes Back’


Huge thanks to curator Christian Madsen at Museum Jorn for sending the ‘Art Strikes Back’ exhibition catalogue with a lovely note inside. Also a very kind reference from Christian to Spectre in the introduction to the catalogue – indeed ‘the avant-garde will not give up!’. There are also essays from some great writers including Mark […]

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Interview: ‘Protest By Design: The Creatives Performing Acts of Political Sedition’, Design Week


“Graphic design has always been there as a servant of the protest”     The good folks at Design Week have interviewed me alongside Jonathan Barnbrook and Led By Donkeys as we implore designers to learn from history and find space to perform pointed acts of political sedition today using the power of their creative […]

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Interview: Live on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme


You can catch me on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme discussing the Spectre installation and the ‘Big Dada’ series of deep fakes that went viral on Instagram this year as we successfully managed to troll one of the largest tech giants on earth. Raising important questions in the process concerning how computational forms of […]

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Gallery: ‘Big Dada’ exhibited at ‘Art Strikes Back’, Museum Jorn, Denmark


‘Big Dada’ (2019) is now on show at Museum Jorn in Denmark as part of the Art Strikes Back exhibition running from 15th September – 8th December 2019. ‘Art Strikes Back: From Jorn to Banksy’ Art as a watchdog for freedom of speech and democracy. The pivotal point is the artistic strategy of the “détournement”, […]

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Feature: ‘Spectre’ profiled in Rankin’s guest issue of The Drum magazine


The Drum’s October issue is guest edited by renowned photographer Rankin, who takes a look at the subject of honesty. The result is “Sell Me the Truth”. From whistle-blowers to big data to creativity and the climate crisis, this provocative edition of the magazine takes a long hard look at the advertising industry in the […]

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Interview: How Worried Should We Be About Deep Fakes?, BBC World Service


You can hear my contribution to the latest episode of Trending on BBC World Service from tomorrow. The programme includes contributions from Hao Li, myself and others as we explore the creative and political implications of deep fake technologies. You can stream the episode here. Programme Synopsis: Recently an app called Zao zoomed up the […]

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Gallery: New work showing at ‘Art Strikes Back’, Museum Jorn, Denmark


Art as a watchdog for freedom of speech and democracy Both myself and Daniel Howe will be showing a new piece of video art entitled ‘Big Dada’ (2019) as part of the ‘Art Strikes Back: From Jorn to Banksy’ exhibition which opens 15th September 2019 at Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, Denmark. ‘Art Strikes Back’ is […]

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Interview: ‘On Deep Fakes & Transparency’, Creative Review


The Role of Art in Understanding Complex Changes in Politics & Tech   Really pleased to see an extended version of an online interview I had with Creative Review in June now in print form for the latest August / September issue. Unfortunately access to the online article is behind a paywall so I’ve included […]

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Talk: Spectre @ MUTEK 20, Montreal


In a little under 2 weeks time I’ll be joining some fascinating artists and thinkers at MUTEK Montreal, Canada for the 20th edition of the MUTEK festival. I will be presenting 2 presentations as part of this years programme. The first covers my most recent work interrogating computational propagandas and the logics of Dataism and […]

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I wanted to share an updated version of an essay that appears in ‘THEY LIVE: A Visual & Cultural Awakening’ as the publication is sold out now and I feel there is more to say on the matters that are explored in the original essay. It is also good to make these things less exclusive […]

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‘The Zuckerberg Deepfake Heard Around The World’


On the 1st June, myself and Daniel Howe released ‘Big Dada’ – a series of 5, AI generated ‘deep fake’ artworks into Instagram’s algorithms. Released as a digital intervention and an extension of the Spectre project’s detournement of the Digital Influence Industry, our approach was to use AI and ML to hack and subvert the […]

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‘Spectre’ Short Film Released


It’s a little strange to be writing these words. ‘Spectre’, my latest installation in collaboration with Danie Howe became one of the world’s largest global press stories of the past week which centred on a viral AI generated artwork of Mark Zuckerberg as a ‘deep fake’. We always set out to detourne many aspects of […]

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Interview: ‘Deep fakes: Can we believe anything we see online?’, Channel 4 News


I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Channel 4 news for a short feature concerning deep fake technologies and why Daniel Howe and I created the Spectre project.   Our series of deep fake artworks were released onto Instagram as a digital intervention to challenge their policies concerning misinformation online. One of these artworks […]

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Gallery: ‘Spectre’ Launches ( Press Release)


Spectre, a new art installation by Bill Posters and Daniel Howe, is poised to reveal the secrets of the Digital Influence Industry, but only if you are willing, as the artists say, to ‘pray at the altar of Dataism with the Gods of Silicon Valley’. Spectre premiers at Site Gallery, Sheffield, as part of the […]

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Award: Bill Posters wins Sheffield Doc/Fest ‘Alternate Realities’ £20,000 commission


I’m incredibly pleased to finally announce that myself and fellow artist Dr.Daniel Howe have won the Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternate Realities artist commission for 2019 for our collaborative installation entitled Spectre. We are delighted that we were selected by the international panel of judges comprised of representatives from Sheffield Doc/Fest, Site Gallery, British Council, MUTEK and […]

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Interview: Hate Zine’s ‘Activist of the Month’ – Bill Posters


Hate Magazine have kindly selected me as their activist of the month which kicks off the year nicely. You can head over to their (independant) platform to read an indepth interview that covers subvertising’s past, present and future.The interview also releases a few previously unreleased details of Brandalism projects, as well as a deeper explanation […]

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BOOK: ‘THEY LIVE: A Visual & Cultural Awakening’, 30th Anniversary Release


Various authors. Foreword by John Carpenter. Edited by Craig Oldham   In homage to the film that launched a thousand street art careers, Rough Trade Books is releasing They Live: A Cultural & Visual Awakening – a 30 year anniversary publication in homage to John Carpenter’s classic cult film: THEY LIVE! The book includes an […]

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Feature: ‘Lay Mordaza Me Obliga’ – In conversation with Valtonyc @ Brooklyn Street Art


‘All art is political.’ – Valtonyc   Brooklyn Street Art have featured an extended article that explores my recent intervention in Barcelona entitled ‘Lay Mordaza Me Obliga’ / ‘The Gag Law Made Me Do It’. Through some back channel communications it was possible to connect with Valtonyc – the Catalonian rapper currently in exile in […]

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Gallery: ‘Distress Call’ unveiled at ‘Intervention’, HCSC Gallery, London


Bill Posters has unveiled a new installation entitled ‘Distress Call’ as part of his work that is currently on display at ‘Intervention’, a group show of over 30 contemporary street artists at HCSC Gallery, London.     ‘Distress Call’ Medium: Steel, cotton tape Dimensions: variable 2018 A distress signal indicates that a person or group […]

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Gallery: ‘Intervention’ Group Show, HCSC Gallery, London


‘Intervention’ November 30  – December 22   Bill Posters will be showing a new installtion at ‘Intervention’, an exhibition of over 30 contemporary artists (including works by Paul Insect, Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips, Aida Wilde, Mobstr and Helen Bur) which opens in the gallery at East London’s new artist-hub and studio workspace: The Hackney Creative […]

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‘Waste World’ – A #BlackFriday Project


‘Waste World’   Released on #BlackFriday, Bill Posters’ latest project ‘Waste World’ interrogates the impacts of Fast Fashion and consumer waste with a series of subvertising installations. Timed for release on the biggest global retail event of the year, ‘Waste World’ looks at the true impact of the world’s rubbish – from clothes to plastic […]

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Campaign: ‘Waste World’ Teaser released


‘WASTE WORLD’ Turn that volume all the way up… Bill Posters new video drops tomorrow just in time for #BLACKFRIDAY Full video released: Friday 23rd November Follow Bill on Insta to see the full video tomorrow: @BrandalismProject #WasteWorld Music By: Georgia – ‘Intro’ Film By: Standby Studios  

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Feature: BSA Film Friday – ‘Lay Mordaza Me Obliga’


The fine folks at Brooklyn Street Art have featured the short film of Bill Posters’ latest interventions in Catalonia on their weekly BSA Film Friday rosta. Head over to BSA to see ‘LayMordaza Me Obliga’ and the other moving street art films that have been selected this week. Here’s the link.

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Campaign: New ‘Waste World’ intervention seen in Manchester, UK


A new advert for Nike has been spotted in Manchester… In support of @newinternationalist magazine’s latest issue, Bill Posters is interrogating the impacts of Fast Fashion and consumer waste with a series of subvertising installations to draw attention to the core issues. This campaign looks at the true impact of the world’s rubbish – from […]

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Campaign: ‘Waste World’ subvertising seen in Brixton, London


Bill Posters continues his ‘Waste World’ subvertising campaign with an installation in Brixton London. In support of @newinternationalist magazine’s latest issue, Bill Posters is interrogating the impacts of Fast Fashion and consumer waste with a series of subvertising installations to draw attention to the core issues. This campaign looks at the true impact of the […]

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Campaign: Bill Posters launches ‘Waste World’ – a new series of subvertising installations across the UK


In support of New Internationalist magazine’s latest issue on Waste, Bill Posters has been taking the issues and conversations covered in the magazine into the streets of the UK to interrogate the reality and impacts of consumer waste in the spaces and places where we all consume. Bill Posters says that “this unique series of […]

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Intervention: ‘Ley Mordaza Me Obliga’ / ‘The Gag Law Made Me Do It’


  ‘You can’t limit art’ – Valtònyc   Portrait in Exile 1 – Valtonyc Catalonian rapper   Portrait in Exile 2 – Anna Gabriel, Former spokes for Catalan pro-Independence campaign, Former parliamentary deputy for Catalonian CUP Party     ‘Ley Mordaza Me Obliga’ / ‘The Gag Law Made Me Do it’   Intervention duration: 3 […]

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Feature: Editorial artwork for New Internationalist magazine


New Internationalist is a leading independent media organization dedicated to socially conscious journalism and publishing. They are proud to be a multi-stakeholder co-operative co-owned by their workers and in August this year they approached Bill Posters with the opportunity to contribute an editorial artwork in support of their latest issue ‘The Dirt On Waste’. We […]

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Gallery: ‘YOU WILL’ unveiled at Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale, Moscow


  ‘YOU WILL: A Detour Into Dataism’ Bill Posters has unveiled his latest body of new works entitled ‘YOU WILL: A Detour Into Dataism’ at the Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale held at the Winzavod Centre for Contemporart Art in Moscow, Russia. 25 years ago, AT&T’s prescient 1993 ad campaign entitled ‘YOU WILL’ launched the […]

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Gallery: Bill Posters @ Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale, Moscow


Bill Posters joins a rosta of 40 international public realm artists selected from over 300 entrants to exhibit new works this August at the Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition of street wave artists will present works by all artists created during an art-residence in Moscow. The main project of the […]

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