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BOOK: Brandalism Project featured in The Poster: A Visual History, V&A Museum

Very excited to receive a contributor copy of The Poster:A Visual History, a new book from the V&A museum that is a new visual resource for designers, illustrators and collectors. An arts activism project I co-founded in 2012 Called Brandalism is featured in the essay by Catherine Flood and Gill Saunders entitled ‘The Poster In The Digital Age’. It’s really nice to be included in this chapter as with Brandalism we always tried to situate Subvertising / adhacking as a network-based form of creative activism, it was a collective art project that tried to re-situate culture jamming in the age of social networks and digital forms of organising for direct action and protest. It existed in both public space (where the posters were installed illegally) and in digital space (where our network organised and disseminated the imagery on social platforms).

Organized into seven thematic chapters, The Poster brings together more than 300 examples that offer a comprehensive history of the poster as a medium that has been used to share, sell, or incite political and social change. The text traces the poster through innovations in design, illustration, typography, and printing, as well as movements in art, including Art Nouveau, modernism, Art Deco, psychedelia, and punk.

See Brandalism here.

Pickup a copy of The Poster: A Visual History here.

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