Back 16.01.2020

PRESS: Bill Posters’ New Media Work Listed In ‘Trends Of The Year’, Creative Review

The good folk at Creative Review have included Daniel Howe and I’s new media works in their annual ‘Trends of the Year: Creativity & Tech’ list for 2019. Unfortunately we can’t read the article as it’s behind a paywall but we have managed to extract a paragraph in relation to our work creating synthesised personas using AI and ML technologies.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Elsewhere artists Bill Posters & Daniel Howe messed with our minds via a series of deep fake videos which featured names from Mark Zuckerberg to Kim Kardashian to Morgan Freeman. As usual, the films highlighted that we have a lot to worry about in terms of control. “ These new technologies – whether it’s AI, forms of generative video or audio, or deeper machine learning processes that underpin them – are impossible to control.That’s very clear. The truth is a multitude. We’re in a situation where it’s very, very difficult to ascertain what is real and what isn’t. This deep fake discourse forms part of a broader kind of critique of a tension that exists at the moment, about how meaning is created; what’s mediated to us and from which actors and which sources.”

You can read a feature length interview concerning deepfakes and transparency that I did with Creative Review earlier in 2019 here.

If you have a CR account, you can read the full Trends of the Year: Creativity & Tech article here.