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AWARD: Spectre Shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize

Spectre Shortlisted For Aesthetica Art Prize

We are delighted to announce that Spectre has been shortlisted for the 2020 Aesthetica Art Prize. Both myself and Daniel Howe will join the remaining 16 artists for the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition at York Contemporary opening 12th March 2020.

This is a huge honour for us both considering there were over 4,000 applications for this years prize. We are also thankful for the jury for selecting our provocative installation at such a time especially since we are currently in the immediate aftermath of the most recent UK election which saw computational forms of propaganda and targeted misinformation campaigns at scale depoloyed throughout the election cycle to influence the perceptions of voters within the UK.

As ever a huge thank you to our funders, partners and supporters including Arts Council England, Sheffield Doc/Fest, British Council, MUTEK, Site Gallery, Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, CannyAI and Futures Venture Foundation. We would also like to extend a special thankyou to our dev team, designers and consultants including Craig Oldham (UK), Gavin Grindon (UK), Lucy Francis (UK), Dr. Areeb Alowisheq (SAU), Joseph Allen (UK), Dr. David Stillwell (UK) (Deputy Director, Psychometrics Centre), Vesselin Popov (BGR) (Lead Psychometrician), Dr Aiden Loe (KOR) (Data scientist / Psychometrician), Andrew Cambell (Lead UX) and Pete Cadney (UK).

Press update to follow!