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TALK: ‘Revised Utopias’, Alaska Design Forum, October 6th

I’ve been asked to deliver a lecture as part of the Alaska Design Forum’s Fall progamme that is focussed on the theme of revised utopias. I’ll be speaking alongside landscape architect Gunther Vogt, UK land artist Chris Drury and Michael Ford.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts and words online on Tuesday 6th October (time TBD).I’ll update this post in due course with the details and link to the stream.


You can view my talk below:

Title: ‘Welcome To The Altar of Dataism: The Death of Privacy & The Call For A Third Enlightenment’:

Here’s the info on this timely series of talks:

The Alaska Design Forum invites our community to join a conversation in 2020 around the theme of REVISED UTOPIAS. Picking up from 2019’s POLAR SHIFT theme, we seek to engage a discussion of the adjusted ideals that come after radical change, the re-worked goals that result from unforeseen events, and the evolving landscape of optimism in design.

With REVISED UTOPIAS, we seek unconventional voices and discussion formats to challenge the narrative on cultural progress and the way it is continually rewritten. Should the role of design be moving from creation to repair? Is there a place for optimism in emerging visions of the future? How might the long history of utopias in our arts and culture affect our current conception of good design?

Here is the Fall portion of the REVISED UTOPIAS 2020 lecture series. All lectures will be presented online via Zoom:


More info: