Back 22.08.2020

NEWS: Bill Posters Collab with Privacy International Announced



I am really pleased to be able to share some much anticipated news concerning a new collaboration between myself and Privacy International.

This collaboration will explore creative activism to aid in audience engagement and advocacy for Privacy International’s cross-cutting campaigns concerning government surveillance, corporate surveillance, migration and democracy.

Privacy matters. It matters when you’re walking the streets of your home town and when you’re fleeing your home in search of safety. It matters if you’re at a protest or if you’re in bed. Privacy is the foundation on which we can build a future we can be proud of tomorrow. And it is the tool that we can use to fight for all of our rights today.

Privacy international’s Campaigns Director, Harmit Kambo stated:

“Bill Posters is an artist that creates engaging and award-winning interventions in public and digital spaces to advocate for human rights. We are delighted to be commissioning him to work alongside our team for one of our latest campaigns. We are excited to see how our organisation can take creative risks and explore new tactics to engage audiences in some of the most pressing digital issues of our age.”

Governments and corporations are using technology to exploit us and destroy our right to privacy. Their abuses of power threaten our freedoms and the very things that make us human. PI campaigns against companies and governments who exploit our data and technologies and threaten our freedom.  They campaign for a world where everyone is free from exploitation, free to use technology, free from unwarranted interference.

Check out Privacy International and follow them for updates on our unique collaboration.