Back 11.10.2019

Interview: Live on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

You can catch me on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme discussing the Spectre installation and the ‘Big Dada’ series of deep fakes that went viral on Instagram this year as we successfully managed to troll one of the largest tech giants on earth. Raising important questions in the process concerning how computational forms of propaganda are dealt with on social media platforms.

When myself and Daniel Howe released our Big Dada series of video art deep fakes as a digital intervention we were always hoping to ignite more interest and discourse concerning powerful new forms of computational propaganda and the power relations that exist between tech giants and the ‘users’ of their products concerning personal data and the unexpected ways it can be used using new technologies that are little understood and opaque by design.

You can hear the live interview at 2 hrs 23 mins here: