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Gallery: Bill Posters @ Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale, Moscow

Bill Posters joins a rosta of 40 international public realm artists selected from over 300 entrants to exhibit new works this August at the Artmossphere III Street Art Biennale in Moscow, Russia.

The exhibition of street wave artists will present works by all artists created during an art-residence in Moscow.

The main project of the biennale ARTMOSSPHERE will open to the public from August 31 and will run up until October 14 at the Grand Wine Warehouse of Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art. Special projects are situated in the Red Hall and at the street space of the art center. All the works of the main project will be created by participants directly in Moscow, in the format of an art residence.

All artists will be creating new works based around the central theme of ‘Offline’:


It reflects the current situation when people are getting tired of a gradually growing information flow and wish to limit their use of the Web due to an urgent inner need. All the hype about constantly being online, in a hurry, afraid to miss another trend, some hot news, or notification have been causing an increase in information noise and stress level, as well as making people watch others’ ideal lives depressed. That’s why for a few years already there’s been a trend of growing interest towards everything local, authentic and autonomous, a swing back from globalisation. This trend is focused on site specific art and working with local context rather than with a digital standardized one. It’s closely followed by an interest in low tech, DIY culture, crafts, and the use of recycled materials.

Please visit the Artmossphere site for more details: