Advertising Shits In Your Head

Advertising Shits In Your Head combines theory and practice in one short book about the modern subvertising movement. Published by Dog Section Press and featuring Public Ad Campaign, Brandalism, Special Patrol Group and Dr. D. You can see a selection of Bill Posters’ personal artworks and an interview with the author throughout the publication.

“Advertising Shits In Your Head provides a history of the practice (going back to the early 70s), alarming research and theory on the effects of the industry, advice about how to take part (including legal information) as well as several stunning case studies. This is essential reading for all who want to fight back against ‘the most powerful and sustained system of propaganda in human history’.”

– Jamie Kelsey-Fry (Contributing-Editor, New Internationalist)



Author: Vyvian Raoul

Editors: Anonymous

Release Date: February, 2017

Language: English