Materials: Various

Dimensions: Variable

Named after Dr. Aleksandr Kogan, the data scientist that sold 87 million Facebook profiles to Cambridge Analytica, Spectre is an immersive installation that tells a cautionary tale of technology and democracy, curated by algorithms and powered by visitor’s personal data. Spectre interrogates computational forms of propaganda including OCEAN (Psychometric) profiling, generative art (moving image and text), deep fake technologies and micro-targetted advertising.

The installation started out to subvert the digital influence industry but quickly became embroiled in a deeper global conversation about the power of computational forms of propaganda as the generative art ‘deep fake’ videos went viral on social media leading to global press coverage.

A project by Bill Posters & Dr. Daniel Howe.

Premier: ‘Alternate Realities’, 6th – 11th June, Site Gallery, Sheffield.

Project Partners: Canny AI, Respeecher, Reflect, Psychometrics Centre, Cambridge University

Spectre has been generously supported by Sheffield Doc/Fest, Site Gallery, British Council, MUTEK and Arts Council England.

Further details: here

Press coverage: New York Times / Washington Post / BBC / Guardian / NY Post / Independent / Spiegel / Le Monde / La Republica / CNN / CNBC / ABC News / USA Today / Standaard / MIT Review / Artnet / Vice / Dazed / BBC Radio 4 / BBC World Service /