Date: 2012 – ongoing

Brandalism is an award winning international collective of over 80 street, political and visual artists that collaborate together to challenge corporate power in public & digital space.

By embedding non-hierarchical and anarchist working processes into large scale, public realm interventions, Brandalism aims to re-democratise access to public space for the communication of grassroots forms of counter propaganda. Brandalism use collective forms of participation and consensus-based organising models that operate in relation to the corporate hegemony that exists over visual forms of communication in public space. By mobilising artists via a network based approach; and by facilitating the training of up to 100 people at a time in the methods of subvertising, Brandalism attempts to manifest the Right to the City concept in urban spaces at key media and political moments.

Intervening into advertising spaces that usually celebrate consumption, Brandalism use ‘subvertising’, short for ‘subverting advertising’, as a protest model to divert messages towards ones that dream of a world beyond capitalism. By utilising popular forms of visual art and internationally recognised artists from a broad range of disciplines, outdoor advertising infrastructures are subverted as a lens through which we can view the multiple social and environmental justice issues that capitalism exacerbates.

Our team actively works with frontline social and environmental justice movement organisers and activists to share creative activism tactics, skills and theory to aid groups in achieving their political struggles.

The Brandalism network has partners in various EU states, the Americas and Asia.

Bill Posters is co-founder of the Brandalism project.