Act of Parliament

May 2013

Location: City of London, UK


UK based interventionists Shift//Delete (Bill Posters & Peter Marcuse) detourned the ‘Gherkin’ building in the City of London in response to the UK Parliament’s failure to challenge and convict UK based bankers that were complicit in the financial crisis of 2008. A totemic, 180m high monument to the fetishisation of free market capital was briefly created in the financial district of London for 4mins 26 seconds.


‘The British Parliament does nothing to challenge the bankers. They have been intellectually captured and they constantly gratify the City of London whilst the rest of us have austerity imposed upon us.’

‘In response to this reality, we have turned the Gherkin building into the worlds tallest penis. A penis that is being gratified by Parliament with a sexual act. A 180m high erection for deregulation and global capitalism. We have created this art work for all those that are suffering cuts to their budgets, benefits, working hours, rights, freedoms and quality of life as Parliament perpetuates the age old practice of taxing the poor for the mistakes of the rich.’